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Brooklyn Bedding review And Buying guide

Brooklyn BeddingNow we are going to discuss the Brooklyn Bedding Latex Foam Mattress. A luxurious mattress, designed to provide consumers with a variety of attractive features and benefits. 

         2017 Update – Brooklyn Bedding released an updated mattress design in May 2017

Brooklyn Bedding not only minimizes movement and cost but also makes people feel comfortable and silhouette. With its innovative three firm levels and beautiful body contours and hugging features.

This memory foam mattress is rapidly climbing consumer charts as one of the most suitable and comfortable latex foam mattresses on the market, depending on the data used.

Brooklyn bedding is also known as the best mattress, or Brooklyn bedding likes to say #BestEverMattress. Although their claim is wrong at all, we will know about this bed in this review. Let’s start.

Brooklyn Bedding

The Brooklyn bedding is a state-of-the-art latex foam mattress. Brooklyn developed and manufactured in its factory.

It has the top line fabric, and ultra-dense latex foam, making the bed’s overall flexible, comfortable and beds equipped with a multi- Stretch the core cover. This center cover protects the foam core and the ultra-soft. It has a removable/washable top cover; help mattress feels new, year after year.

With its unique architecture, Brooklyn bedding exceeds its competitor with a 100% latex comfort layer. To measure 6 “and offers an increased rally to reduce the typical” quicksand “effect or feel of any other foam mattresses.


Brooklyn BeddingSo far, the unique and exciting part of the Brooklyn Bedding mattress is its construction. Brooklyn Bedding is one of the few online mattress companies that own and operate their factories. I had visited the headquarters of Phoenix, Arizona, and was blown away by real scale.

It is a large-scale operation of 145,000 square feet, which can pop up to 1600 mattresses per day. Their factories give Brooklyn bedding very control over their materials, cost and assembly specifications.

It also allows them to eliminate the middleman further, thereby saving consumers a genuinely useful cost. If you want to buy a comparable mattress in a traditional mattress retail store, you have to pay a lot of money.


The Brooklyn Bedding Mattress has 3-layer foam consisting of a 10″ mattress. It is designed to provide a comfortable and supportive balance through the advanced responsive foam. The TitanFlex foam offers a latex feel that allows Brooklyn Bedding Able to produce a good response, rebound, and cooling.

Top (Comfort) –This is a 2 ” layer of TitanFlex foam. The TitanFlex Foam (a reactive polymeric foam) provides excellent support, bounce, and cooling. The layer has a density of 4.0 PCF

Middle layer (comfortable + support) –this is a 2 “TitanFlex foam. Like the above layers, this layer has great comfort, bounce and cool. However, this layer is stronger and offers a higher level of support and Depth compression support. The density of this layer is 4.0 PCF.

The bottom tier (support) – which is a 6 ” high-density support foam layer. It serves as a mattress support and a base foam while maintaining breathable and giving bed shape with a density of 1.8 PCF.


The cover is a quilts cotton blended fabric. The cover is very soft, just have a good feeling. Mattress quilted with a thin layer of foam (3/4 “thick), which makes it almost the top of the micro-pillow.

Brooklyn BeddingThe cotton structure ensures that it has good air permeability and allows air to flow into and out of the cover. In aesthetics, Brooklyn bed mattress cover is quite beautiful.

They used the full blue side panels of the white top layer and placed on the pallet feet under the Brooklyn bed logo. Quilted top floor, blue side panels, and rugged handles round out, very nice lid overall.

The cotton structure ensures that it has good air permeability and allows air to flow into and out of the cover.

In aesthetics, the Brooklyn bed mattress cover is quite beautiful. They used the full blue side panels of the white top layer and placed on the pallet feet under the Brooklyn bed logo. Quilted top floor, blue side panels, and rugged handles round out, very nice lid overall.

Performance and benefits of Brooklyn Bedding-

Fantastic quality:

This mattress company has its factory, and they do not compromise the quality for producing mattress. Every corner and skeleton will penetrate the quality. Even if you see the inside of the foam, it’s just beautiful.                          

Firmness Choice:

Unlike most memory foam mattresses currently available, Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses have three healthy levels of firmness- soft, medium and substantial.
The flexible model provides a lot of contours, while the average and rugged models provide different degrees of support and comfort for sleepers.

Perfect bounce:

Thanks to its 100% -latex construction, you can use this mattress to make a more pronounced bounce, by contrast, Leesa even Yogabed.It will be perfect for sex because of its perfect bounce.I will not lie, the whole room I have this mattress, I sometimes will stand up and lie down feel a rebound. It is what I think is the best one.              

Motion transfer property:

Brooklyn bed is fantastic memory foam beds and it can quickly absorb movement. This latex mattress controls the flow at night to do well and presents minimal change. Our study shows that latex foam minimizes movement, providing sleep comfort to sleepers whole night.

Sleep cool:

Unlike a typical foam mattress, the mattress latex foam has a higher permeability and temperature control and has a very high rating in this category. Consumers say beds do not sleep hot, but provide cooling and provide comfortable temperatures throughout the night.                                                                                                    

Slight/no smell:

When you first remove the Brooklyn bed linen from the packaging, there will be a definite “latex smell.”However, this scent, like all the new mattress smell, disappeared in a few hours. Environmentally friendly building with CertiPUR-US certification as well as this bed, as consumer research shows, with almost no scent.                                    

Affordable price: 

Brooklyn mattress aims to produce their product with the minimum budget for the customers that everyone can buy. You have to pay at least $2,000 for the same quality Brooklyn bed mattress when you purchase another brand.

For example, price starting at $ 450, the cost of the twins is $ 1,050 for Split California King, you will get a great mattress with this small budget, and your family member will thank you.                      

Extended trial period:

The company covers all the basic service. You can free shipping in the United States, full 100% refund and ten years warranty boot! However, the best part of the trial period is that I have seen any company offering the longest time. Brooklyn bedding gives to their user 120 days to try the bed.               

Warranty Support:

Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses offers Ten Years Warranty. The company also provided a three-year replacement warranty for its pillow’s material defects. They offered a one-year material defect warranty for its sheets.                                                                                       >>Our study shows that consumers’ overall assessment of Brooklyn bedding is slightly higher than average and for pillows and bedsheets. Their interest in mattresses is exciting.

I would recommend Brooklyn Bedding for anyone who belongs to the following categories:

  • Big bouncing mattress – if you want a foam bed with a high bounce, really no better choice than Brooklyn bedding (unless you want to use a coil mattress). It does not have the same level of rebound as the inner spring but is much better than almost every memory foam. I checked the best bounce of all the foam mattresses.                 
  • Balanced hug and body contours – Brooklyn sleep has a good sense of body shape and a good hug. You will sink into 2-3 ” into the mattress, enough to provide a good comfortable hug.                                                                                                                            
  • Fast reaction bed – if you need a mattress, quick response to your movement changes at night Brooklyn Bedding is a good choice. The Brooklyn bedding TitanFlex foam responds almost immediately, so you will never worry about trapping inside the foam.                                                                                                                                           
  • The best price – the mattress offers excellent quality with very affordable price. A queen of $ 750 is a good price comparing with other online only beds.                              
  • You want to buy the mattress from an old and famous company – Brooklyn bedding has been operating since 1995 and began producing its bed in 2001 and launched online in 2010. They have been in a very extended period to build and sell quality mattresses at a fair price.

Summary of Brooklyn at a glance

Brooklyn Bedding has more than 20 years of industry and has its manufacturing facility. Providing consumers a luxurious latex foam mattress, three layers of healthy level as well as comfortable options to suit every type of sleeper.

Brooklyn bedding design, construction and unrivaled comfort to the company received a wealth of positive evaluation and top position.


  • Suitable for  back or belly sleeper
  • Helps to reduce back pain by supporting full body.
  • Very sensitive to chemicals and degassing.
  • Very durable mattress with affordable price.
  • Sleeping friendly when you sleep with a partner (no disturbances)
  • Made in America
  • 120 nights free trial, free 100% refund guarantee
  • Full ten years warranty


  • Bed edge support is minimal.
  • Warranty is relatively small with comparing others.

If you like latex, Brooklyn bedding should be your first choice. I found it comfortable and the price was excellent.

Especially knowing that it came from a well-known mattress company with manufacturing expertise.

If you want comfort and good quality bed with low price, then you can try Brooklyn Bedding. Above all, it will be a sage decision if you choose this mattress.

Our study showed that the soft mattress was rated as one-fifth of the tablets, with a median of 10, while the fixed bed was 8/10. If you are not sure which level is best for you. You can safely play and order a medium level because the statistics have confirmed that more than 80% of sleepers prefer cheap reliable mattresses.                                                                                                                                                                       American architecture – yes, every part of the bed is made in the United States. So, anyone who likes American-made, they will be satisfied with the fact.  


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