Eight Sleep Mattress Review

Buying Guide & Review: Eight Sleep memory foam Mattress- The Mattress of the Future

memory foam mattressEight Sleep memory foam mattress is one of the most innovative mattresses on the market today. Like many other boats ordering beds, eight are made entirely of foam; in fact, it consists of four separate foam layers. Check out some great memory foam mattress Here.

The Eight Sleep memory foam mattresses are different from others because of using the smart feature and technology. It has built-in technology that allows you to keep track of your sleep data trends on your smartphone.

Simply download an exclusive eight sleep memory foam mattress apps on your smartphone, and you can quickly refresh your smartphone to track your sleep trends. Talk about a full set of cutting-edge mattresses! Also, eight beds equipped with a smart alarm clock.

There is a smart app to control smart alarm features. That’s why you can connect with the smartphone, so you can set it to wake up at the appropriate time every day.

memory foam mattress | Eight sleep mattress

                                                             The Sleep Tracker

Another feature of the Eight sleep memory foam mattresses is the built-in bed warming. The temperature of each side of the bed can be easily adjusted, you and your sleeping companion sleep on a mattress very comfortable that provides the ideal temperature.

This feature will allow you to customize the bed according to your specific needs. Now I am going to discuss eight beds in details.

#Details and Construction of Eight Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

Eight sleep mattress | Memory foam mattress

The Eight memory foam mattresses consist of four separate high-quality foams:

# Reactive foam; # 2-inch transition foam # 4-inch density support foam.

With all these foam layers combined, the height of the eight mattresses is a total of 10 inches.  

#Layers of the Eight Sleep memory foam mattress   

Top layers-The top of the bed eight is a layer of 2-inch reactive foam. The design of the bed provides the first-class comfort, but also provides a cooling effect.

Memory foam has a fast reaction time so that it can react quickly to form its original shape and controls weight of the body.

Is it important to know about the memory foam mattress Layer?

>>The softness of this memory foam mattress is not as soft as, i.e., it is medium softness prevents you from feeling stuck in the mattress. The top layer of the foam has a density of 3 pounds per cubic foot.

>>Second layer of mattress height is a 2-inch memory foam mattress. Place a layer of memory foam under a more sensitive first layer so that the second layer of the mattress usually fit with your body without letting you feel like trapped on the bed. The second layer of eight beds is 4 pounds per pound of the cubic meter.

>>Third layer-Consist of a 2-inch transition foam, the third floor of the eight-layer mattress is designed to provide support for the sleeper. It also serves as a stronger layer of the upper layer of the comfort layer and the base foam. The third layer of transition foam provides a density of 1.8 pounds per cubic foot.

>>Foundation layerThe fourth and final layers of the mattress consist of 4-inch high-density support foam. As the basis of beds, the fourth floor of the eight-layer memory foam mattress provides a low compression support; however, it is primarily the basis for mattresses. The high-density comfort foam keeps the bed shape and overall integrity at a density of 1.8 lb/ft.

Memory foam mattress#Cover of the Eight sleep memory foam mattress

eight sleep mattress | memory foam mattressThe eight-bed cover looks very good but quite simple. It is 100% polyester; this lid can breathe well, remain elastic, and provide a softer feeling for the sleeper.

I believe that this design is to achieve the best effect of eight sleep tracking technology to achieve. When it comes to the cover aesthetics, there is not much discussion.

>>Cover contains all white color and has small pores extending along the top of the lid.

>>Sleep tracking technology kept on the bed sheet.

If you decide to order a smart mattress through eight nights of sleep, then the cover will precisely be your monitoring system. Thus, Eight Sleep decided to avoid creating a peculiar cover because they wanted to focus on the technical, rather than the aesthetic charm of the mattress.

#Reasons for choosing Eight Sleep memory foam Mattresses

 Advanced Sleep tracking technology– This innovative technology connects to your smartphone so that you can track your sleep and do other incredible things such as setting an alarm clock.

There is no doubt that Eight offers the most advanced sleep tracking technology on the market. If you want to know exactly how you are sleeping, how many times do you throw, turn around, how you breathe when you sleep, your sleep depth, etc.

Why buy Eight Sleep mattress Memory foam?

>>Responsive mattress – the top of the sensitive foam, the mattress offers a degree of memory foam-like hugs and silhouettes, but still, creates a right level of response. In this way, you will never be troubled by the bubble or overly surrounded.

>>Sleeping flexibility – Sleep peaceful means that if you have been working together to sleep, if he/she keeps moving, then it will cause sleep disorders. The eight mattresses provide motion transfer properties.

Although your partner is running on a regular basis, this feature ensures no interference.

In fact, if you lie on this mattress, you will not feel that another person is also sleeping with you.

eight sleep mattress | memory foam mattress>>If you are price conscious – then you can buy this bed. Its price starts at a little affordable price and price is $575 for full size. Price will vary from size to size. Such as a queen is $ 850, King $950. Their discounts are usually up to 20%. The mattress has a high-quality foam and should be quite durable. Given this, you can get great value from this mattress.

>>Warranty support – age is also an important factor in choosing a new bed. We know that in general, beds over ten years old can be considered a good mattress. Although this is not a rule, just a hypothesis. Some springs provide good performance for more than a decade.

This eight-bed ensure a 10-year extended warranty. Services also provide 100 days of trial period and money back guarantee.For this reason, if you are considering longevity and smart technology then it will be the best option.

#Reasons for not choosing eight memory foam mattress

If you are not interested in smart technology- Some users may not find useful technology, rather than using more technology. If you are seeking traditional bed, then it will not fit with your choice.

>>Slowly move the memory foam – if you get used to more standard memory foam mattresses, you slowly fall into the bed, it surrounds you, it’s not you here. In this case, this mattress is not for you.

>>Heavier sleepers may not find beds to provide the level of support or comfort they are seeking.

#Technical characteristics of Eight Sleep memory foam mattress

Eight Sleep has several different functions available for sleep tracking systems. The most important feature is data. Data and trends are characterized by eight periods of sleep that track your sleep patterns, providing you with insight into sleep patterns and ultimately helping you improve sleep. To track sleep, they use a sleep tracking app.

eight sleep mattress | memory foam mattressThis app is for both IOS and Android devices. Some other features, such as smart alarm clock, are fascinating.

The Smart Alert is designed to wake you up when you have naturally awakened and are almost awake, especially to help you wake up outside the REM cycle.

The smart alarm will wake you up within 30 minutes of your alarm. Makes it flexible to aim at a more awake time.There is also a built-in bed heater. You can manually put the bed heater on a timer and even set a timetable.

The eight sleep smart mattress system contains:

>>IFTTT integration – allows adding any other smart home products to eight sleep beds.

>>White Noise Player – Includes ten different white noise tracks.

>>Energy experiment – monitor power input (sleep, caffeine, exercise, alcohol, etc.) to help you better understand sleep.

This section of the guidelines assesses the most important criteria for mattresses that affect overall sleep quality, and you will be able to achieve this. The criteria we include:

Ruggedness/Firmness& comfort Heat retention Pain relief and support

Deflation #Intimate relationship Adaptive sleep position

1. Ruggedness/Firmness & comfort of the memory foam mattress

In the stability of 1 to 10,1 for the softest, 10 for the most robust, we evaluate the eight. This mattress is slightly higher in hardness than medium. As a result, most of the sleepers and all kinds of sleep people will feel very comfortable.

It provides a sense of balance. It sank a little but not too much; and it also hugs the body but does not embrace it, so you think you suck into it.

Overall, eight memory foam mattresses provide right firmness. We also found eight beds very comfortable.

Again, it sinks into a body that is enough to outline, but it will not sink too much, and you feel that if you are sinking. The combination of foam and memory foam and transition foam provides excellent comfort.

eight sleep mattress | memory foam mattress

2. Heat retention By Mattress Pad Or Topper

Foam mattresses often encounter insulation problems. Bubbles are usually heated retaining, which can make the sleeping surface uncomfortable. The manufacturer of eight beds remains insulated. 

The top of the mattress helps to avoid the bad feeling of being surrounded by the bed, which contributes to preventing the accumulation of heat around the body. It is also important to know more about a spring mattress protector.

Also, the thin and porous lid provides a high level of breathability, and you will find the mattress cool all the night.

eight sleep mattress | memory foam mattress3. Pain relief and support of memory foam mattress

Eight springs are also doing well with pain relief and support for all weights of sleepers, including light, average and heavy sleeper.

The foam is well fit with the body, but offers a good bounce, so you will not sink into it.

We also found that since the eight mattresses properly support the body, it can reduce the stress point, thereby reducing any pain that often occurs during sleep.

4. Deflation from Eight Sleep memory foam mattress

Foam mattresses are not common problems. It refers to the smell of mattresses; foam mattresses are usually a problem because of the chemicals used in the production of foam chemicals.

With eight springs, there is a very slight level of deflating. When we first received the mattress, we did notice the mild smell.

However, we put it in a well-ventilated place, and there was no time, and the smell was completely gone.

If you find an odor when you receive eight mattresses, it is recommended that you do the same thing and place it in the ventilation area until the smell disappears.

eight sleep mattress | memory foam mattress5. Intimate relationship Vs memory foam mattress

Eight springs memory foam are also quite good in individual activities. Unlike many other foam mattresses, the foam used in bed 8 is very sensitive.

Makes the bed bounce back, which makes it easier to carry out special activities. While you may need to work harder to do this without having to be like a conventional spiral spring mattress, you do not have to play more energy like other foam mattresses.

eight sleep mattress | memory foam mattress6. Adaptive sleep position in Eight sleep memory foam 

This memory foam mattress offers versatile sleep support and comfort. Eight bed has the top layer to adapt to your body type and sleep position, giving relief of joint pain relief, eliminating stress points, improving blood circulation. The result is to help your body create healthy spine alignment correctly.

All in all, sleepers will find the highest level of satisfaction. Eight mattresses are very adaptable to all three kinds of sleepers, i.e., back, side and stomach sleepers. After reviewing and inquiring users review, I rated this mattress.

For final sleepers rating is 9/10, side sleepers rating is 8.75/10 and for stomach sleepers 9/10. Thus this score is perfect for any mattress.


Eight sleep beds are comfortable, supportive, responsive and overall good value. However, eight sleep techniques are unique compared to others.

The mattress is one of the most attractive features is tracking methods, sleepers can receive sleep data and trends.

This information can help sleepers improve sleep while sending data back to sleep so that they can make the necessary changes to mattresses and technology.

Sleep tracking system has some other features, so if you are interested in improving sleep and testing the latest sleep tracker on the market, Eight Sleep is a good choice.

Before you buy any memory foam mattress it is better to know about the memory foam mattress types.

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