Layla Mattress Review

Layla Mattress Review

Layla MattressToday I am talking about Layla mattress. Layla is a recent entry to the mattress world. It brings several innovations to the mattress industry to set them in a top position.

Layla offers copper-in-memory foam and offers beds that can tailor to different hardness preferences.

Layla Sleep grew up by two Silicon Valley brothers in the mattress industry and other mattress industry veterans. See how Layla compares HERE). 

After a long day, we found a comfortable bed; there are two different firm side, you can flip as long as you want.

Even on a hot day, opening a fresh, comfortable bed is a breathtaking feel. Layla is the world’s first copper infused memory mattress. It is our latest review of Layla mattress in 2017, is one of the most modern mattresses on the market today. Let’s start.

About Layla Mattress

Layla MattressConstruction of Layla Mattress

Layla is a 10 “memory foam mattress, three layers of copper input memory foam and a base support foam. The bed on each side uses the core inside to help the foam layer and the comfort layer, providing different firmness settings when flipping.

  • The top layerThe upper layer is a 3-inch copper input memory foam. It help sleepers feel more comfortable, take care of pain or other conditions. Copper contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve pain.                         
  • Middle layerThe 6-inch high-density crimp base foam helps support the sleeper and keeps everything on the mattress. Its structure can prevent the accumulation of heat so that sleep more refreshing.                                                                                                 
  • BottomThe base is a dedicated one-inch copper input foam that helps to enhance ruggedness and provide additional support for the floor arrangement, with the overall aim of having a bed that supports the unique needs of people seeking quality mattresses. It also helps to relieve the pressure on the bed.                                                           
  • CoverThe detachable Layla mattress covers the overall quality and aesthetic design of the bed. Inject Thermogel technology to improve the sleep experience; it absorbs sweat, creates more coolness for sleepers, and enjoys a good night’s sleep.

Layla MattressReasons for using Copper in Layla Mattress

After interviewing the foam manufacturer, we found that the so-called “gel” injected into the foam is not just a marketing ahead, fooling people that their memory foam mattresses will not get hot. It seems that Layla’s creators are aware of this, so the development of a copper immersion memory foam.The key points of using copper are below:

  • Layla is the first mattress to inject copper with a memory foam so that you can sleep like a Pharaoh
  • The use of copper can reduce arthritis, help to relieve joint pain and stiffness
  • People wear copper bracelets to improve the body’s blood circulation
  • Sleep cooler with copper

Layla MattressWhat we need to find for buying a Layla mattress

  • Ruggedness: The firmness of your choice depends on your sleep position, body type, and personal preference. A solid bed is best suited for those who need to rest at the top of the mattress, while the sleeper mattress requires a soft mattress to get the body inhaled. The next pillow should look for a medium density mattress that provides plenty of support but is soft enough not to press on the spine.                                     
  • Building materials: Mattress usually made of multiple layers and materials. The innerspring mattress is elastic and sleeps cold while the memory sponge cushion helps to distribute the weight to help your body’s weaker joints, relieving sleep-related pain and pain. Latex mattresses offer many of the same advantages as memory foam, but they are not usually exhausted of memory foam products.                        
  • Durability: Before proceeding with any purchase, please read many customer reviews to learn about the experience of other clients, especially after extensive use. Also, please consider the product warranty. A longer warranty will prove that the company is based on its products, not just in a short period.                                               
  • Trial period: your body takes weeks to adapt to the new mattress. Looking for products that provide a 100 day trial period or longer.                                                               
  • Warranty: Standard warranty period of memory foam mattress is usually ten years. However, the best products cover 20 years or longer. Lifetime warranty is ideal – albeit rarely – to prove that the company fully supports their products.

Layla Mattress performance & its benefit

Layla MattressLayla mattresses consist of memory foam and foam support, and overall functionality and performance are expected to be parallel to many memory foam mattresses on the market today.


Layla mattresses equipped with copper-immersed memory foam on both sides. These mattresses have different densities and thicknesses that affect the specific sensory and support levels from either side.

Typically, memory bubbles provide substantial support because it is compressed based on the amount of pressure applied. It allows it to relieve specific pressure points. 

However, a very soft memory foam may cause significant sinking into the mattress, which may cause some of the sleeping positions of the spine to be misaligned.                


We are most concerned about Layla mattresses are durability. We usually look for memory foam comfort layer with a density of at least 3.5 PCF. Lower density foam may perform poorly over a period, which could threaten their support and comfort. The foam support layer of the Layla mattress does not meet the 3.5 PCF threshold.    


Layla mattresses offer two different rugged options. The soft side drops by about five at a typical hardness level. On the same scale, the more stable side is about 7-8.

Motion transfer property:

Comparing with most memory foam mattresses, the level of movement on Layla mattresses should be small. Because memory foam reacts only at specific points where the pressure is applied, it is quite difficult for sleepers to sleep on memory foam to suffer significant problems during sleep.                          

Gas release:

Memory foam mattress initial odor is normal.This is not a serious issue, but in a few hours or days, gas will disappear. However, extremely olfactory sensitive customers may want to buy mattresses with the limited gas release.                          

Sleep very hot:

The most common cause of sleep thermal memory foam is the body sinking into the bed. It reduces air permeability and increases thermal insulation, but the newer memory foam has more efficient temperature regulation.                        

A more plush mattress (or the side of the bed, in the case of Layla) may be easier to sleep.Layla mattresses also include copper-immersed memory foam as a means of reducing insulation. Limited data show the benefits of copper soaking foam, but some customers profit from this type of foam.                                                                        

Intimate relationship:

Like sleeping hot, memory foam can lead to sexual activity barriers if it causes the mattress to sink too much. This sinking may hinder movement and sexual behavior. It is usually not a major problem for most people, but latex and inner spring mattresses may be a better choice for people looking for the best mattress type.

You will like Layla Mattress if you-

  • Want to sleep coolly – copper infusion and hot gel cap are designed to make the mattress sleep cold. According to my experience, it sleeps coolly.
  • If you want to expand your quality bed to the softness and firmness, mattress offers both sides soft and firm.
  • If you like not to throw your bed, unwanted sinking. Layla mattress designed for therapeutic needs, copper can relieve pain, perfect sports segregation
  • If you like to provide a refund and trial bed; Layla offers a 120-night trial period and is refunded within five days to prevent you from
  • If you want to choose a mattress which is risk-free, Layla offers a lifetime warranty. If they are not very confident about their products, how should they do?

Why not like Layla Mattress if you-

  • Want a slightly firm mattress – Layla softly is pretty soft, and Layla’s side is quite high. If you want to average / slightly stronger than the middle bed, Layla may not be the most appropriate.
  • Do not care about the input of copper or foldable options – if you want these aspects, these aspects are of great value, but if you are not interested in these components, then it may not invest in Layla.

In short, the following is a quick list of its features:


  • Soft and sturdy in the same mattress (double).
  • 120 nights free trial.
  • Robust ten-year warranty.
  • Handmade in the United States.


  • The mattress cover is not double-sided, so need to remove, and then flip the mattress back.
  • Have a little initial smell.
  • Relatively new company.

Final Tips

I found Layla mattress slightly at the soft side of the spectrum. It is roughly the same as the firmness of the Leesa mattress, but you can get all the benefits of copper.

Some people claim that copper also helps to circulate blood and recover from pain. I noticed that it seemed to make me cool, but apart from this feature, it was a good mattress.

Also, individuals with joint pain, such as patients with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, will benefit from a copper infusion memory foam that provides joint relief and contributes to increased body circulation.

With a broad range of feature sets, lifetime warranty and discounted prices in Layla, you have nothing to lose and should seize this memory foam mattress.

Also, everything about the mattress is perfect. You will get a lot of great features at an incredible price, so there is no need to think twice, go and buy Layla mattress.

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