Loom & Leaf Mattress Review

Loom and Leaf memory foam mattress Review 2017: Buying Guide 

loom & leaf mattressThe Loom and leaf mattress is a luxury memory foam mattress discover first American-made plant memory foam. This bed consists of cooling gel and organic cotton cover.

Saatva founded loom and leaf mattress in 2015. Nowadays, it is considering as one of the most promising and fastest developing online mattress company.

This beautiful bed brings together some high-quality features found only in expensive, high-quality mattress brand.

In the past few years, I have a lot of time to test, analyze and collect my readers’ feedback on the loom. Good, they say? Now in this article, I am going to discuss Loom and Leaf mattress. It will help them who are interested in buying a loom & leaf mattress. Continue reading below for a comprehensive review of best memory foam mattress.

loom and leaf mattressContinue reading for a comprehensive review of loom and leaf mattress step by step guide-

1. Reasons, why you want, choose to Loom and Leaf mattress

>>Value – For choosing anything value is one of the most consideration factors.This bed cost is relatively small compared to another mattress. This mattress company aims to sell products relatively high quality with low price.

For example, Loom & Leaf mattress offers low price that is $1,499 for king size where same size Tempur-Pedic bed price is $5,499. There is an enormous difference in that two-bed price. So if you are price concern, then you can choose Loom & Leaf.

>>Comfort/Firm feel – After reviewing from customer satisfaction about comfort and firmness. I found the rating of soft level out of 10 is 8. The mattress is very effective remady for back pain & joint pain.

It is quite an excellent rating for choosing anything from online. Most sleepers are comfortable in medium But for the heavier sleepers or those who like a little hug and feel a little less. This mattress can be a right choice for them.

>>Warranty Support

The age of bed is also a significant factor for choosing a new one. We know that in general a mattress which is over ten years old can be considered as a good bed.

Although this is not a rule, it just an assumption. Some mattress provides good performance more than ten years.

This Loom and leaf bed ensures 15 years of long time warranty. For this, if you are thinking about longevity then you do not think twice about choosing Loom & Leaf mattress.

>>Sleeping friendly: Loom and leaf the best memory foam mattress

Sleeping peaceful means if you have partnered for sleeping and if he/she moves continuously then it will create disturbances of your sleep.

This Loom and Leaf mattress provide motion transfer property. This property ensures no interference although your partner runs regularly. You can’t feel this movement if you are lying on this bed.

>>The durability of the loom and leaf memory foam mattress

The quality of material in the bed is responsible for durability of the mattress. Memory foam mattresses have an average lifespan of around ten years, while inexpensive bubbles usually use lower materials which may affect durability.


When we sleep, most memory foam mattresses are getting hotter.That’s why we need to promote airflow. Cooling Gel layer helps Loom and leaf to control temperature getting warm. For cold sleeping, you need to buy this mattress, and you will also get flexibility.


You know exactly where the mattress is of the foam to the lid, and every detail of the material is evident and avant-garde.

2. Construction of Loom and leaf memory foam mattress

loom and leaf mattress>>Layer – The loom and leaf beds are 12 “thick and consist of four different foam layers.

>>Top layer, 2.0 “gel memory foam – this is a 4-pound memory foam that infuses with cooling gel. The gel helps absorb the body heat and continuously discharges it from the side and bottom of the mattress at night. For cooling gel, its unique feature is that it creates an excellent sleeping surface.

>>The second layer, 2.5″ memory foam which is a 5-pound. It is responsible for providing level compression support while also reducing the stress point of the body.

>>The third layer, 2.0″ transitional poly foam – this layer assists the upper two layer. The lower layer plays traditional role i.e., it provides exceptional support, comfort and body contours.

>>Bottom, 5.5” supports Foam – This is a high-density breathable comfort foam that acts as the foundation for mattresses. It provides a quality base for the superior level.

Thus adding all this layer creates a greater thickness and makes the loom and leaf mattress better than another brand.

>>Cover- The cover quilt with organic cotton. It is quite soft, breathable, has a good texture feel, especially along the embroidery section. The cover makes with native thistle. All-natural flame retardant, which is a nice unexpected feature.

The lid is a quilt with the 5/8 “foam layer. This mini-foam layer adds extra softness and a good feel. The loom changed their coverage, affecting the overall beauty and function.

The new cover of the loom is a quilted pattern, more compact, more medium density and more towards the mattress’s head and feet. This quilting design creates better support for your midrange.

The vast majority of sleepers need most of the support around their lower back and trunk areas. Enhance cover creates better flexibility.It also helps sleepers create better spine alignment, through the need for more support, less that you do not need.

From overall aesthetics and style, I think the cover looks great. The tan side panels and gold trims look luxurious along with the exterior. The side handle is also a good feel to make the mattress easier to move.

3. Claiming about cost savings accuracy loom and leaf

According to loom and leaf company, their aim is to produce a high-quality product with a small budget. And that’s why they set starting budget from $999. After reviewing from online like Amazon and their website, their claiming is entirely right.

Loom and leaf mattresses show attractive value to the sale of physical retailers. Looms and leaves argue that these prices are possible because their business model eliminates the visible markings. No brokers earn prizes, or retail stores need to add fares, and looms and vanes can provide direct consumer products at a more reasonable price.

   4. Weight Limitation

I talked with customer service representative. They said about the weight, and it is limited, its weight is 300 pounds. For the king or queen, both have the same weight, that means you can have two people 300 lbs.

Everyone sleeps on both sides of the mattress. For less than a queen, it just means up to 300 pounds in total. Given mattress specifications, this is the limitation everyone looking.

5. Edge Supporting capability

Compared to other foam mattresses, the side support of looms and leaf will be better than the average. There exist some spring mattresses which have excellent edge support. So Loom & Leaf will be pretty good.

6. Adaptable Sleeping Position

Memory foam mattress provides versatile sleeping support and comfort. Looms and leaf support layer to adapt to your body type and sleep position.

#To give support for joint pain relief

#Eliminate stress points

#Improve blood circulation

The result is to help your body to create healthy spine alignment correctly.

Overall, back sleepers will find the highest level of satisfaction. It should also be a good match for the stomach sleepers, although heavier people may want to get a firm model.

7. Reasons of disliking factor

Plan to use brief bedtime– I think loom and leaf fit for someone who wants a long-term solution. If you just plan to have your mattress for 2-3 years, then maybe you do not want to invest in this quality mattress. Then you have to look at the low price and low-quality bed which supports short time.

If you dislike the memory the feeling of foam – I met some people do not like the memory foam feeling at all. Again some people like it very much. I see people think that because they upgrade to high-quality mattresses.

They will, of course, love this feeling – but the taste of the memory bubble rarely change, no matter how the quality is. Like, feeling such things vary from man to man.

Brand searching mind- See some other guide

Service problem- As it is a new company some are lacking their services. Problematic delivery experience, including delays and rescheduling. Some few complaint recorded about their services.Customer services are poor comparing with another brand.

The brand is seeking mind & avoid risking – Some people are very brand seeking mind, and they do not want to risk because this company is new.If you are such kind, then you do not need to buy this good quality mattress.

8. Buying A Mattress Online Risky or not?

Buying mattress online can be very convenient, but it can also be confusing because there are many options there. Internet mattress retailers have two main types below.

  • Shop which is selling mattresses from some different manufacturers, such as US-Mattress.com
  • Sell their products such as Loom & leaf, Leesa, Ghost Bed and Nest Bedding, etc.

Places like American mattresses, although they have similar products, the price on most mattresses is much lower than the actual retail locations. The main drawback here is that you can not try it before you are buying a particular product unless you first enter a competitive physical retailer and then go home and get a lower online price.

Otherwise, if you do not like the mattress, there is no return or return fee. This is not true for companies selling their products.

Loom & Leaf, Leesa, Ghost Bed and Nest Bedding both offer free trial periods for the benefits of their customer. In the case of buying online, you can not try the mattress in advance, but you can get a 75 day risk-free trial period. It’s enough time to figure out if you like the mattress. From there, if you do not like the mattress, you can send it back. It does not sound great to me, especially when you consider buying all from online.

The Loom and the Leafs are a lovely and very comfortable mattress. Having its online store brand at the top is easy because of its quality and performance. Loom and leaf always give their customer, 75 day trial period.

After using trial, if you do not like, you can return this product for a full refund and will not be related to store credit. I want to recommend this mattress for all types of sleepers. I was asked to make recommendations for heavy springs.

Suggestion & final guide for loom leaf mattress

Loom And leaf are sufficient for substantial couples who want to get enough support. If someone is looking for the best mattress for heavy people, it’s it! As your next luxury bedding, looms and leaf may be the best consideration. Looking at the comments on other products, I found that their score was pretty much good on the firm side.

The mattress itself is very balanced and will not over-embrace. It is equipped with two comfortable levels of options, with excellent support, high body contours, very high-quality green material, and designed with vital cooling function. And the price is surprisingly low.

In short, looms and leaf luxury memory foam mattresses are the best which can compete with higher quality competitors.

Above all, the following are our favorite things compared to our competitors:

  • Looms and mattresses – cots and leaves built in the United States, plant-based foam, it is wrapped in organic cotton covers with native thistle flame retardants. This is a very environmentally friendly luxury memory mattress.
  • It uses hospital grade gel materials.
  • Unlike a memory foam mattress in the store, you have a 75-day trial period.
  • 15 years warranty over the other ten years warranty, it is straightforward.
  • Returns and refunds are also transparent and honest.
  • It is shipped within 7-15 days, installed by the professional delivery team, the cost is less.
  • Weaving machine does not charge sales tax.

Some other memory foam mattress is great for value, price, firm, density, technological and longevity.


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