Memory Foam Mattress Ratings

Best Memory Foam Mattress Ratings & Guide

Things To Consider When Buying


When you buy your memory mattress, you have to pay attention to a few things. Usually, you should pay attention to the thickness of the mattress.

It should be from 7 inches to 16 inches thick, and sometimes even more. The depth is remarkable for different reasons.

Take your bed type as an example; you may need a relatively thin and flexible adjustable bed or maybe high and thick things to raise the height of the little bed.

Keep in mind that, under normal circumstances, the mattress is thicker and more expensive, may be more than the average 3-layer structure.

It may be extra ventilation layer or extra comfort layer.

Foam Type


Also, consider the bubble type. First in the field has been a viscoelastic memory foam mattress, which has become the most popular.

Often referred to as a traditional polyurethane or oil Foundation, which was invented by NASA, was originally used for bedding.

It is also known as Tempurpedic, but this is the brand rather than the technology.


Gel Infused memory foam mattress is the latest in the market, launched in 2011.

We are talking about basics in two forms of millions of gel beads in traditional viscoelastic foams. The first is that the gel injects into the top layer of the foam, and the second is through the gel layer near the surface.

The idea is that the gel does not catch heat as its predecessor.

Mattress company such as Serta and Brentwood have a range of gel-injectable memory foam mattresses to choose.


Plant type or ecological or natural memory foam mattress is rapidly becoming the consumer’s favorite trend.Plant-based solutions are used to replace part of the gel or petroleum-based material with plant extracts as their fillers.Typically, these extracts may include soy, aloe, tea or bamboo; each manufacturer will specify the equipment use.

Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

LUCID Plush 14

14″Lucid Memory Foam Latex Mix bed provides ultra soft feel, super soft feel.It also provides one-third of the ten percent of firmness. The lucid mattress offers full silhouette embrace and steady sinking level. Also, bamboo Cover and bamboo into the top of the memory bubble to help manage the insulation problem. So that sleepers sleep comfortably. But it’s’ probation period is not enough, 30 days is good enough in our opinion.Overall, combining with a very competitive price point for sleepers to provide a stable value The14″Lucid Memory Foam is a good option.

Eve Mattress

Eve is a full foam mattress that offers the feeling of two worlds. While it brings a slightly firm feel to use the memory foam top layer and respond to the memory bubble the second layer creates a different feel than the most memory foam mattresses. In addition to the more traditional depth sinking and hugging, Eve offers a good silhouette that does not surround the level of sinking and hugging. If you have a feeling for a stronger memory bubble, sharp silhouette, and real bouncing fans, Eve is the one to look over.

Leesa Mattress

Leesa’s 10″high plant memory foam mattress is a three-layer combination of different forms. It provides maximum comfort, best support and pressure point release. Due to its average exercise isolation, the choice of twin mattress is excellent, and it quickly becomes familiar household names. Often it comes live on with the “better new mattresses” slogans. Like most of our reviews, it is compressed and rolled with free shipping. It is worth noting that it is in the United States 100%. It is currently a top mattress, dominated directly to the consumer category with a medium firmness for almost any type of sleep position.

Dream Foam Bedding Ultimate Dreams 13″ Gel Mattress

The high-value product from the leading US manufacturer. This 13″thick gel memory foam mattress has a 3″ 4-pound comfort layer, followed by a 2 “5-pound support layer and an 8” high-density base. A great design and a trendy choice for the buyer, all the size from the twins to the California king.

Sleep Innovations Shiloh

Sleepopolis Innovations Shiloh mattresses have been in the game for more than three years and had quickly earned their name. Sitting on a 12″thick Shiloh designed with a 2-layer foam. The top layer is a 2.5″ memory foam that locate above the 9.5 “support foam layer. This combination allows a softer top layer with a support base.

Heavier sleepers can also find this mattress comfortable because Shiloh provides the appropriate level of low compression support. Intense pressure relief, contour, and medium feel make this mattress Amazon one of the today’s most popular mattresses.

Brentwood Home Bamboo Gel

Brentwood Home Bamboo Gel 13 mattress offers a traditional memory foam while blending the advanced cooling function with a soft comfort. Gel memory foam, wool backing, ventilation support foam and bamboo irrigation cover combination together, in the mattress on the surface of the sleep, produce a lot of cooling. The support on this bed is consistent, sorting out the overall value of the good material, build and service quality.

Sleep Innovations Shea

As an ideal sleeping pillow and pillow mattress, Shea is something worth considering. Superb processing range, not only good at dealing with the growing body weight, but also for the smallest cradle and comfort. The mid-density feel uses their DuoComfortinnovative design, which is a 3″SureTemp Consistency at the top and 7″ support Plus base following the following. It is as simple as it might sound like some of the other top mattresses that this site reviews, but it ‘s nice to help sober sleep and spine alignment, regardless of the choice of rest position.

DynastyMattress Cool Breeze

If you are compatible with the adjustable electric bed, then the 12″Cool Breeze is as good as you would expect. By the three layers of the central adhesive and gel memory foam, the 3″ top is the high density of high density and the active Support layer. It is located in the upper part of a high-elastic 5″ foam base and can be easily bent and lifted hydraulic movements as needed. Like other people, it is vacuum packed and rolled, which means it becomes full size within 1-2 hours. 120 days of trial and 30 years of limited warranty, which is a very safe purchase.

There is no such thing like the worst or best memory foam mattress. It all depends on personal preferences, requirements, and budgets. However, taking into account that a good mattress can easily last for more than ten years, plus bearing in account the original cost, it is wise to make the right choice from the start. Before considering any kinds of investment, these purchases will bring you the health benefits and comfort.

Consumer Experiences

Scores show that memory foam mattresses have overall great experience based on the consumer experience compared to average beds. For an overall brand evaluation, see [source:]

Table of Considerations Overall Grade Comment
Owner satisfaction B Memory foam mattresses as a group with 80% owner satisfaction. The proportions of the various brands and models are similar.
Affordable C+ Queen’s memory foam mattress’s average price is about $1,370, excluding the foundation. Prices range from $100 to $3,500+.
Lifespan/durability B- Lifetime can be very different, but the average life expectancy of memory foam mattress is about seven years.
Support C+ In general, there is no apparent strength and no glaring weaknesses in other bed types, i.e., air and interior as well as mixed animals, usually have better support.
Reduced (back) pain B Pain relief – including relieving back pain – reported by the owner of 20%+. However, about 10% of people complain that the bed is suffering from excessive hardness or lack of support.
No sleeping hot D+ About 9% of the owners (11 of them) reported a major problem with their mattress insulation.
Good for sex C Well appreciated, but the bouncy nature is the biggest complaint.
No noise A Memory foam mattresses are usually completely silent in all conditions
Gassing odor D 12% of the owners (1/8) reported showing strange smells, especially for high-density models.


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